Explore ways yoga can support your body, mind, lifeand life’s challengesmore fully beyond the mat.

What is yoga therapy?

Whether you are working with an injury, illness or specific physical condition, or looking to find ways to reduce stress, yoga therapy can support your body, mind, life—and life’s challenges—more fully beyond the mat.  Sessions are private, personalized, and tailored to meet your needs.

Yoga therapy uses the tools of yoga—physical practices, stress-reduction techniques, yoga psychology and philosophy—to help you develop custom, individualized practices for greater well-being. It’s a whole-life, mind-body approach to wellness that works on every level to create a greater sense of contentment, ease and joy in life.


Why yoga therapy?

No matter what challenging situation we face—injury, illness, major transition, life or lifestyle circumstances—the common denominator, and root cause of suffering, is the stress that results. As the symptoms of stress take hold, we lose sight of who we really are and move further away from the person we want to be. Yoga therapy is a highly individualized, self-empowering process that works as a supplemental healing modality for a variety of health challenges and situations. While yoga therapy can uniquely address specific physical issues, its real power is in helping clients work more skillfully with the stress surrounding their circumstances, bringing them back home to themselves. 


What's a session like?

Yoga therapy sessions can focus on a specific physical issue, a desired lifestyle change, stress reduction or some other concern or goal. Time is provided to discuss the client’s challenges, intentions and objectives, and explore applicable, customized physical practices and other techniques. Yoga therapy sessions are different for each client depending on their needs and goals, but all are designed to reconnect clients with themselves and empower them to make small but consistent positive changes that lead them in the direction of greater health, well-being and improved quality of life. 


Who is yoga therapy for?

Yoga therapy is appropriate for just about anyone—all ages and levels of fitness, for anyone struggling with stress, illness, pain, or challenging life transitions, and for those who would like to explore the practice of yoga more deeply in their lives.

Conditions supported by yoga therapy include: asthma and other respiratory ailments; heart disease; cancer quality of life; digestive disorders; depression and anxiety; insomnia and sleep issues; addiction and recovery; chronic pain; musculoskeletal issues and injury recovery; neurological disorders; healthy weight management; eating and body image disorders; women's health issues; stress management; grief and loss; healthy aging; and work-life balance.

Clients are encouraged to consider scheduling multiple sessions spread out over time (typically four or five sessions over two to three months, with discounts offered for multiple-session packages, click here for pricing packages) so there is ample time to develop and adopt new routines and practices. New clients will be asked to complete an intake form prior to the first session, and clients will be encouraged to set mini goals between sessions.

Yoga therapy is an accredited, integrative field. Certified Yoga Therapists receive 1,000+ hours of training and are recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Lori Wieder, C-IAYT, is a graduate of the  Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Program through YogaLife Institute, an IAYT-accredited program, and is a fully certified yoga therapist.