Fall 2018 Workshops


Saturday, December 1st,  11:30 am – 2:00 pm

PYP Studio, 1748 S. Atherton Street, State College, PA
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“Heart Space and Higher Self: Yoga Tools to Nourish Your Spirit”

—with Lori Wieder, C-IAYT® Yoga Therapist

As humans we are naturally wired to have busy minds making it easy to get absorbed in constant worry or rumination, losing sight of our connection to purpose, peacefulness, heart and spirit.

Yoga philosophy offers us a holistic model for maintaining this connection—the Pancha Kosha model—as well as other specific techniques for nourishing ourselves on every level so that we can connect more easily and more often with our “higher self.”  This 2.5-hour workshop will guide you through yoga teachings, reflections and practices including…

  • Assessing which aspects of yourself may be undernourished or underattended, and strategies to bring those aspects back into balance.

  • Yoga practices for cultivating a “Bhavana mindset,” the foundation for a strong, consistent connection to higher self.

  • Developing small, simple strategies for connecting more naturally and more often to your true (loving and wise) nature.

Space is limited.  Cost:  $50    (or $45 for PYP Members)
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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits are available to yoga teachers taking this workshop.

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