Gratitude for my amazing teachers…

  • Bob and Kristen Butera, Staffan Elgelid, Erin Byron, Jen Hilbert and all of the amazing teachers who are part of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife Institute. You have inspired me to journey into a depth of practice I didn't know was possible, enabling me to move forward on my own path of self-realization and be of greater service to others.

  • Dr. Mala Cunningham whose incredibly inspiring work helping heart patients use yoga as a healing tool fueled my desire to work with the medical community.

  • Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson, remarkable leaders in the integrative medicine movement, who have creatively adapted and made the practice accessible for seniors and those with special conditions.

  • Lee Albert, a compassionate pioneer in the field of pain reduction, who taught me “people begin to heal the moment they feel heard.”

  • Jill Miller whose innovative techniques continue to help me heal my own imbalances and have given me tools to help others live better in their bodies.

  • Tara Brach whose Wednesday night sangha helped me find home.

  • Jenny Otto whose deep anatomical knowledge and uniqueness as a yoga therapist illuminates how yoga can truly be accessible to all as a tool for healing and health.

  • Jen Yost and Anne Mascelli whose open-hearted teachings sparked an in-depth svadhyaya into the limbs of yoga I had not yet explored. Thank you for all the seeds you so tenderly planted.

  • Grandmaster Thomas H. Thompson, a teacher unlike any other, who first taught me how to tap the mind-body connection, find center and the power and grace within.

Special gratitude for our wonderful local yoga community here in State College, and PYP Studio in particular for its continued support of my work and amazing teachers and classes that keep my personal practice burning bright!